Who is Thryfty? 

We are an independently owned and operated jewelry company based out of Detroit, Michigan. Our team consists of streetwear enthusiasts, skaters, and goofballs that all have a passion for jewelry, fashion, sneakers, and the occasional dank meme. Killing shit since 2018.

Affordability + Quality

That's what we're all about. Well, that and fire designs you can't get anywhere else. Before we started this company, there weren't many options for affordable jewelry that actually looked good and wouldn't turn your neck green. Most of the jewelry pieces that were available on the market were the same old, played out and downright boring designs that had been sold for decades prior. We saw this as an opportunity to help people express their unique style beyond just clothing and knew that our love for streetwear gave us an interesting perspective to bring to the field of jewelry.

Sustainable AF

All of our pieces are made with recycled 316L stainless steel that is highly polished and finished with vacuum-sealing. We chose stainless for our pieces because mining for precious metals like Silver and Gold is actually extremely destructive to the Earth. It contaminates drinking water and pollutes our air quality with mercury, a liquid metal that is very harmful to human health. We only use the necessary amount of Gold in our pieces to make them achieve the same look as solid and have maximum durability to last a lifetime. Stainless steel is also the most recycled metal on Earth, that means your pendant could contain parts of recycled airplanes, skyscrapers, or basically any modern structure in the world today.

Everything done in-house

It's not often you'll find companies that actually handle all facets of their operations, but this allows us to make sure that each package we send out is up to our standards and you as a customer get the best experience possible. You also won't find many other companies that truly care about their supporters as much as we do. At the end of the day, this isn't our brand, it's yours. You guys are the reason we're able to keep the lights on in this place and that's why we strive to do our best to listen.

If you have any other questions or suggestions for how we could improve, please feel free to hit us up via email at support@shopthryfty.com or on Instagram @thryfty